KM Digitech has been leading the Korean harness equipment industry for the past 30 years and has received continuous trust from domestic and foreign customers through constant research and new product development, now KM DIGITECH is preparing for the smart era with the goal of developing automation equipment equipped with cutting-edge artificial intelligence. They offer the following solutions:


KMDigitech offers the LIMS-P1, its Fully automatic crimp to crimp machine, giving unmatched performance and quality control. It consists of 4 stations and can be offered in the following configurations:


KMDigitech Applicators are robust and have unmatched quality. Consisting various features such as:

Cutting & Stripping Machines

KMDigitech provides a wide range of Cutting & Stripping machines

Manual Crimping Press:

KM-802N - 2 Ton Crimping Press for wires up to 12 AWG.
KM-804N – 4 Ton Crimping Press for wires up to 8 AWG
KM- 806N – 6 Ton Crimping Press for wires up to 2 AWG